Thursday, 10 May 2007

On the theme of broken...Donald Moffett Fleisch at Stephen Friedman Gallery is contrabuting greatly in influencing the journey my work is now going on.

Moffett is exhibiting a range of curious paintings. Paintings that is to say, Canvases with minimal quantities of black acrylic paint added in areas which imitate gunfire shots. It is as if they are real. More percurlarly and rather fascinatingly the main focus of these mock-shot pieces of canvas is his fixturing of yellow, white and black lined zippers of different sizes. There are holes where he punctured bits of canvas and more often than not sewn a neat little border around them.

One of the few unpunctured canvases stands out the most. It shows four zippers applied like a diagonal cross which reveales the white wall of the Gallery like a banana skin peeling effect and they hang of a single nails

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