Sunday, 6 May 2007

This piece is delicate or ephemeral. It has been hand made by Goldsworthy with great care and precision to manage to achieve a circle in its centre. Each stick selected individually for this work so to be right in choosing the sufficient size shape and amount needed for it.

The piece below is standing with confidence it seems although this would have taken days or weeks for the artist to plan out and go about making. He would have to be able to be prepared to do this in any weather. If the weather is too bad he will have to cancel. This means putting everything aside and sometimes not even knowing how long for! Also to take surroundings into consideration as Goldsworthy expresses a personal frustration and not always getting this right, "MY PERCEPTION OF A PLACE IS OFTEN SO FRUSTRATINGLY LIMITED ". Perseverance is a powerful thing and through combating such limitations he enevitably learns more about the processes involved.

Goldsworthy has creations of a vast amount which range from a slightest hint of a bit of branch or leaf to the most fragile looking dandelions to huge sculptures formed in midwinter from icicles bigger than the size of one's hand. He has made meticulously arranged twigs onto bark and mud on snow. He has also managed to produce an original series of what I see to be a set of the artists self-portraits where he has lain down onto land whilst being exposed to all sorts of weather conditions...

I am amazed at each of his accomplishments! The size of this piece is bigger than a person. Goldsworthy would have needed real patience in completing it! He often finds himself about to place the last stick of leaf or another thorn to attach one to another and he has had time and effort lost in an instant when one structure falls apart or dismantles itself at this precise point and he finds he is right back to where he started!

For instance the above instance has given me the ability to bring in the element of chance to my corner of the studio and that I have found to make work out of broken pieces can also be successful or at least an idea on which I can build upon in itself!!!

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